Keystone Symposia 
Four members including Prof Yamamoto joined the Keystone Symposia Conference on Advances in Hypoxic Signaling jointed with Cancer and Metabolism on Feb 12-17 in Banff( Canada.)
2月12〜17日 キーストーンシンポジウム(カナダ、バンフ)に山本教授をはじめ、4名が参加しました。

The Winter Camp on Feb 4,5 
The Winter Camp of Network-Medicine GCOE in Akiu-onsen (hot spa) on Feb 4-5. Souma and Takai were earned presentation awards.
2月4〜5日 GCOE Network Medicineの冬の合宿が秋保温泉で行われました。4名の口頭発表があり、大学院生の口演賞を高井さんと相馬さんが受賞しました!

Retreat & Conference on Jan 21 
Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine held the 5th retreat & conference on Jan 21. Five students from our group in the picture were awarded as eminent presenters or discussants.
1月21日 第5回 医学系研究科リトリート・大学院生研究発表会が行われました。医化学分野から写真の5名が各賞を受賞しました。左から:高井(質問賞)、Yu(優秀留学生賞)、弘津(最優秀演題賞)、中山(最優秀ポスター賞)、平野(優秀ポスター賞)

The year-end party on Dec 28. 

Uehara award 
Prof. Yamamoto is earned the Uehara award.

MD course students 
Two MD course students (Mrs. Uchibori & Itagaki) have started training of basic sciences in our group.

IMO-NI party on Oct 29.  

Publication with Cover Photograph of the Journal 
"Specific contribution of the erythropoietin gene 3' enhancer to hepatic erythropoiesis after late embryonic stages (MCB 31:3896- 2011)" by Norio Suzuki (Lecturer).

Author's comments (Xiaoqing Pan)  
Isolation and characterization of renal erythropoietin-producing cells from genetically produced anemia mice. PLoS One 6:e25839 (2011)
"Breaking some technical walls, we have successfully characterized renal erythropoietin-producing cells (REPs). The neonatal gene-modified mice suffering from anemia (right) let us obtain pure REPs. I must appreciate contribution of a lot of mouse babies..."

Watching football games 
"Watching football games" on Sep 14. Scoreless draw...
9月14日 サッカー観戦 0−0引き分け・・・

FACSVantage Retirement 
FACSVantage Retirement. We really enjoyed working together and respected her hard running for 10 years (she often worked overnight!).
8月31日 FACSVantage廃棄 10年間、山本研の研究を支えてくれたFACSVantageを解体・廃棄しました。おつかれさまでした。

BBQ party 
The summer party in Tohoku Univ Grad School of Medicine on Aug 3.
8月3日 医学系研究科 夏のBBQパーティー

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