Publications 2018 
 Original Paper
5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA) deficiency causes impaired glucose tolerance and insulin resistance coincident with an attenuation of mitochondrial function in aged mice. 
Saitoh S, Okano S, Nohara H, Nakano H, Shirasawa N, Naito A, Yamamoto M, Kelly VP, Takahashi K, Tanaka T, Nakajima M, Nakajima O.
PLoS One.   13, e0189593  (2018)
Quantitative analysis of UV photolesions suggests that cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers produced in mouse skin by UVB are more mutagenic than those produced by UVC. 
Ikehata H, Mori T, Douki T, Cadet J, Yamamoto M.
Photochem Photobiol Sci.   17, 404-413  (2018)
Hyperactivation of Nrf2 leads to hypoplasia of bone in vivo. 
Yoshida E, Suzuki T, Morita M, Taguchi K, Tsuchida K, Motohashi H, Doita M, Yamamoto M.
Genes Cells.   23, 386-392  (2018)
Genetic inactivation of Nrf2 prevents clonal expansion of initiated cells in a nutritional model of rat hepatocarcinogenesis. 
Orrù C, Szydlowska M, Taguchi K, Zavattari P, Perra A, Yamamoto M, Columbano A.
J Hepatol.     (2018)
C151 in KEAP1 is the main cysteine sensor for the cyanoenone class of NRF2 activators, irrespective of molecular size or shape. 
Dayalan Naidu S, Muramatsu A, Saito R, Asami S, Honda T, Hosoya T, Itoh K, Yamamoto M, Suzuki T, Dinkova-Kostova AT.
Sci Rep.   8, 8037  (2018)

The KEAP1-NRF2 System: a Thiol-Based Sensor-Effector Apparatus for Maintaining Redox Homeostasis. 
Yamamoto M, Kensler TW, Motohashi H.
Physiol Rev.   98, 1169-1203  (2018)

 日本語著書 (Publications in Japanese)
宇留野 晃
Journal of Japanese Biochemical Society   90, 103-106  (2018)